I have 20+ years of experience working on creative projects ranging from branding to design to broadcast. I’ve worked at large agencies, small agencies, with internal agencies, and ran my own shop as well. I’ve been involved with clients in just about every segment, including Lenovo, John Deere, Ingersoll Rand, NC Lottery, NCDOT, Samsung, North State Communications, Comcast, DHL, and Sony — to name a few.
I believe that the concept is everything, working to distill it down into something that’s simple and unassailable, and giving a damn about the details along the way. Never attempting to shoe-horn my own style into a project, I dig deeper than what the data might suggest to uncover the one brand truth that will move the viewer to action.
Over the years working as a senior level creative, I’ve built up a wealth of experience in creating and managing the production of content across all mediums and platforms, as well as guiding junior creatives and production teams, while also having spent many years working from my home office and investing in the infrastructure to do so effectively.

Feel free to contact me any time, I’d love to hear more about how I could help you do good stuff.
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