DHL SameDay - How Fast is Fast?

DHL was looking for ways to engage potential customers at trade shows, in sales presentations and on the web. Part of the solution was to produce a captivating case study video that demonsrates the value of  DHL Same Day’s services. The video, using a Mission Impossible style theme, simulates “a day in the life” of a critical international shipment. The “how can that possibly be done” excitement is a way to keep the viewer engaged while effectively communicating the service level DHL Same Day offers.

The concept centers on a client and customer service repas they convey the details of a particularly challenging shipment. The conversation highlights the processes, resources and people of DHL Same Day. By shooting the video in the Same Day offices, we were able to spotlight DHL’s facilities and demonstrate the technology that sets them apart from the competition.

Launched in mid 2010, the video has been a huge success for the Same Day group. It is now being incorporated into additional sales efforts as it is shown globally within DHL. Won Gold 2011 Triangle Addy's, Platinum 2011 Hermes Awards, and Gold 2011 Creativity Awards.
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